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Ecommerce Buyer Data ( Online Shoppers )

Ecommerce Buyer Data ( Online Shoppers )

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Product Description

Data Kart India provides the updated and latest All India online shoppers, online buyers, shopping customers, e-commerce buyers, and customer directory and database in excel format. Every user gets full details of the client, shoppers, and online buyers  database Pan India.

Data Kart India been in this industry from more than 1 decade now, it does not mean we use old school methods of data collection. We have a big spread authentic network of qualified professionals who manage all online shoppers database, from all major categories and share with us for synchronizing it in better format. We empower business people by sharing the data which helps to target the right online audience to generation of leads in the favor of the businesses.

As we are into the commerce sector of for a quiet long time, Data Kart India has good market repute by satisfying all customers with all online buyer data. This is what differentiates us of all the other competitors present in this market.

Insights of this Data:

  • Business / Industry Coverage: Online Shopper
  • Number of Businesses: 1.51 Cr
  • Area of Coverage: All Over India
  • Category of data: Online Buyer, eCommerce buyers.
  • Data Content: Person Name, City, Mobile, Email, Shopped For (Men/Women/Other)

All Data is in Excel Format.





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All Categories
  • Exhibitors Data2
  • School, College, Institutes Data2
  • Warehouse & Logistic Data3
  • Chemical Data1
  • Interior Data, Hardware, Sanitary & Construction1
  • Gifting, Decoration & Novelty data1
  • Bags Data1
  • Industrial, Machinery, Tools Data5
  • International Special Data4
  • Mobile Data1
  • Platinum Data8
  • City / State Wise Data8
  • Electrical, Electronics Data5
  • Pharma & Medical Data3
  • Useful Data11
  • Online Shopping Customer Data2
  • FMCG Distributors, Departmental & Retail Stores Data4
  • Tour & Travels Data1
  • Doctors & Clinics Data2
  • Flight Travel Passengers Data1
  • Pharma & Pharmaceutical distributors Data1
  • 90 Cr Data All India1
  • Chemist / Medical Shop Data1
  • Share Market Traders/ User/ D-Mat Acc Holders1
  • High Net worth Individual3
  • Just Dial Lead Extractor1
  • SME & Business owners1
  • Pincode Wise Data1
  • Payment Options1
  • 100+Premium Mega Kit Bundle1
  • Paytm User Data1
  • Mobile Wallet Users1