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100-premium-mega-kit-bundle Details

High Income Salaried Employees Data ( in Excel ) Details

Indiamart Lead Extractor Details

1280 Warehouses, Logistics Cold Storage & Transporters Details

All India Hotels/ Restaurants/ Bars Database Details

12,400 Companies - Gift, Decorative & Novelties (All Types) Products & Materials Data Details

1495 Companies - BAGS Designer Bags, Hand Bags, Shopping Bags, Carry Bags, Fancy Bags, Leather Bags, Jute Bags, Canvas Bags, Non-Woven Bags data Details

2,285 Companies - Factory & Industrial Automation of Products, Machinery, Equipment's & Parts (All India) Data (In Excel Format) Details

960 Companies - Grinding, Milling, Pulverizers, Ball Mill, Rolling Mill, Grinding Wheel Machines, Tools & Accessories Data (In Excel Format) Details

1400 Companies - Mining, Equipment, Products, Machinery Tools & Spares (In Excel Format) Details

1,210 Companies - Pneumatic & Hydraulic Products, Machinery, Equipment & Parts (All India) Data (In Excel Format) Details

25,000 Gulf Countries (Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Ras Al, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah, UAE etc.) Exporters and Importers Data (In Excel) Details

8,675 Importers & Buyers from 45 + Countries (All Category) - USA, U.K, Germany, Spain, Africa, Sri Lanka, Japan, Malaysia, Korea etc. Details

36,500 International Sellers & Exporters (All Category) From 35+ Countries (USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Africa, Sri Lanka, Japan, Malaysia, Korea etc.) (In Excel Format) Details

23,500 Companies - Taiwan & China, Exporters & Importers Data (In Excel Format) Details

76,000 Companies & Business Mobile Number Data (In Excel Format) Details

42,580 Indian Manufacturers Data (In Excel Format) Details

12,855 Corporate Data All India (In Excel Format) Details

63,500 Dealers & Distributors (All India ) Details

7995 Companies - Logistic, Transporters & Cargo (In Excel) Details

11,295 Builders, Contractors, Real Estate Data Details

1,495 Companies - Beauty & Cosmetic Products Data (In excel) Details

1,04,800 Companies - North India - Delhi/NCR, U.P., Punjab, H.P., Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttranchal all trades (In Excel) Details

7,11,450 Email Id's State & City Wise (In Excel) Details

91,200 Companies - SOUTH INDIA Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, karnataka, Kerala, Pondicherry (In Excel Format) Details

44,000 Companies - Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad & Rest Maharashtra (In Excel) Details

46,300 Companies - Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar & Rest of Gujarat Data 2018 (In Format) Details

45,400 Companies - Delhi / NCR (Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Sahibabad, Faridabad & Manesar) (In Excel) Details

32,800 Companies - Bangalore & Karnataka (All Trades) (In Excel Format) Details

16,450 Companies - Hyderabad & Telangana (All Trades) Data 2018 (In Excel Format) Details

6, 100 IT, Software & Computer Hardware, Web & Apps Related Products, Accessories & Services Data in excel Details

54,650 Companies - Electrical & Electronics Components, Equipment, Machinery, Fittings, Materials, Services Data (In Excel) Details

6,110 Companies - Transformers, UPS, Power Stabilizers, Insulators, Products, Parts & Fittings Data (In Excel) Details

2,303 Companies - Mobile Phones, Accessories Phone Charger, USB, Battery, Mobile Cover, Memory Card, Power Bank, Etc. Data (In Excel) Details

1,796 Companies - Elevators, Lifts & Escalators Products, Spares, Equipments & Fittings Data (In Excel) Details

2,447 Companies -Testing & Measuring Devices & Instruments Data (In Excel) Details

6,841 School & Colleges Educational Institutes (All India) Details

30,00,000 10th & 12 th Students Database (All India) Details

5,250 - Event & Exhibitions Organizers Data (In Excel) Details

2,600 - Hospitals & Nursing Homes Pan India (In Excel) Details

1,485 - Cold Storages, Warehouses & other relative Machinery, Equipments & Materials Data (In Excel) Details

3,84,200 Lacs E-mail Data Industry & Trade Wise E-mail Data (In Excel) Details

12,875 Companies - Gems & Jewellery Products, Machinery, Packing Materials & Tools (In Excel) Details

9,700 Companies - Leather Products, Materials & Machines Data (In Excel) Details

42,100 Companies - Garments, Hosiery, Textile, Fabrics, Ready-Made Etc.- Products, Materials, Machinery & Accessories Data (In Excel) Details

12,485 Companies - Handicrafts Arts, Crafts & Carvings Products & Accessories (All India- All Types) Data (In Excel Format) Details

737 Exhibitions & 1,25,000 Exhibitors Data (2009-2019) (In Excel Format) Details

1.51 cr Ecommerce Buyer (All India) Data - (In Excel Format) Details

8.5 lac Online Shopping Customers (All India) Seller Data (In Excel Format) Details

24,547 Institutes, Tuition & Coaching Centres (All India) Data - (In Excel Format) Details

35,000 Retail & Departmental Stores (All India) Data - (In Excel Format) Details

13000 Cab Drivers All India Data - In Excel Format Details

26,272 Tours & Travels (All India) Data - (In Excel Format) Details

8,89,517 Credit Card Holder (All India) Data - (In Excel Format) Details

81,550 General Physician, Doctors & Clinics Data - (In Excel Format) Details

19,418 Chartered Accountants All India Data - In Excel Format Details

10,12,620 Government Employees (All India) Data - In Excel Format Details

15,23,670 Flight Travel Passengers All India Data - In Excel Format Details

11,50,000 Insurance Policy Holders (All India) Data - In Excel Format Details

Just Dial Data- Juts Dial Lead Extractor Software, Jd software, Just dial data in excel Details

2,410 Frozen, Instant & Ready to Eat Food Data - In Excel Format Details

1lac FMCG Distributors (All India) Data - (In Excel Format) Details

5,800 Pharma Distributors (All India) Data - (In Excel Format) Details

32,000 Medical Representatives (All India) Data - (In Excel Format) Details

All India data in excel Details

105,000 chemists (All India) Data - (In Excel Format) Details

7,00,000 All India Doctors Database Details

22,000 Path & testing labs (All India) Data - (In Excel Format) Details

5 lac HNI Clients Data Details

6175 Companies-Wire& Cable All-Types-Products-Machinery-&-Equipment-Data in Excel Details

31,00,000 D-Mat Account Holders Data Details

11,50,000 Insurance Policy Holders (All India) Data - In Excel Format Details

18,00,000 Neet UG Students Data (All India) Details

JEE Mains Entrance Students Database Details

25 lac Business Owners Data All India (In Excel) Details

25,00,000 Pincode Wise Data (In Excel) Details

Payment Options Details

Pay tm user data Details

Stock Traders Database All India - (In Excel Format) Details


Zomato User data Details

1 lac Crypto Traders Database USA Data - (In Excel Format) Details

1 lac Online Gamblers Database All India - (In Excel Format) Details

All Categories
  • Exhibitors Data2
  • School, College, Institutes Data3
  • Warehouse & Logistic Data3
  • Chemical Data1
  • Interior Data, Hardware, Sanitary & Construction1
  • Gifting, Decoration & Novelty data1
  • Bags Data1
  • Industrial, Machinery, Tools Data6
  • International Special Data4
  • Mobile Data1
  • Platinum Data10
  • City / State Wise Data8
  • Electrical, Electronics Data5
  • Pharma & Medical Data3
  • Useful Data10
  • Online Shopping Customer Data2
  • FMCG Distributors, Departmental & Retail Stores Data4
  • Tour & Travels Data1
  • Doctors & Clinics Data2
  • Flight Travel Passengers Data1
  • Pharma & Pharmaceutical distributors Data1
  • 90 Cr Data All India1
  • Chemist / Medical Shop Data1
  • Share Market Traders/ User/ D-Mat Acc Holders1
  • High Net worth Individual3
  • Students Data3
  • Just Dial Lead Extractor1
  • SME & Business owners1
  • Pincode Wise Data1
  • Payment Options1
  • 100+Premium Mega Kit Bundle3
  • Paytm User Data1
  • Mobile Wallet Users1